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The WKSA now stipulates that the “appropriate” way for KSW schools to display a website is to purchase a Domain Name (the stuff after www. in a typical web address) that reads essentially the same as your business name. For example: if your school is called, "Kuk Sool Won™ of Anytown, USA" then the URL (a shorter way of saying web address) for your website can't be anything other than “” (actually, the .com can be substituted for .net, .biz, etc., but the first part is restricted to the example). No other alternative is acceptable.

Now, if you've already clicked on the links in our Home Page that reveal the sites of some of our clients, you may have noticed that all of the linking URLs are sub-domains of Even though one of them gets redirected to a different URL by means of some hidden code, understand that the files for all three websites actually reside in various sub-directories on the servers (i.e. the computer where the files are stored, which are accessed by internet browsers). The fact that one of those 3 clients chose to utilize a different server when having us redesign his website did not stop him from recognizing the quality work we had done for him in the past nor from choosing to use our affordable customized service instead of going with other available options. Needless to say, the ability to access a website by typing different information into the location bar on your browser is made possible through a variety of internet protocols which are recognized by all current web browsers. So it is now possible to enjoy a website while still complying with WKSA guidelines concerning your designated URL. We have included in our price, this ability for you to have the Domain Name required by WKSA, even though all of your website pages would still be located in a sub-directory on our servers. Without going into a lot of technical jargon to explain how this is done, the fact remains that we can easily do it and we're glad to offer it to you at no additional cost (we will register the domain name of your website for you, and pay the fee for the registration).

Please realize that most Kuk Sool Won™ schools that have websites don't sell merchandise online, and therefore use very little space on the server. However, no companies that rent space on their servers offer an extremely cheap package for the slim needs of such a website. That is where OUR service comes into play. Although price wars over Domain Name registration have caused that particular cost in obtaining a website to fall, renting space on a server and getting professional design tools still makes the rest of securing your own website either complicated or expensive (or both!). So, for a price in the same ballpark as going to Yahoo!, Google, or some other popular method of getting an inexpensive Web Toolkit and having to do all sorts of complicated work yourself, we give you an end result that's the same as you'd expect from a Professional Web Design firm, but with the major differernce that our service is economically priced! (in fact in most cases, we're even cheaper than Yahoo! & Google, and don't forget that we do all the work)

So why not give us a try and take advantage of all we have to offer? Just click on the button below, then fill out the form to get more info regarding our service.

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