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Home of the very best method for Kuk Sool Won™ Schoolowners to get a professional-looking website without paying a bundle for their presence on the internet. Why should you settle for a do-it-yourself site that looks home-made and is probably smothered in banner ads, just to save a few bucks? And don't be fooled into thinking you need to pay over-inflated fees that are nothing more than unwarranted remnants of the DOT-COM era.
We guarantee 100% satisfaction, or you pay absolutely NOTHING! But to learn more about exactly what we have to offer, click on the various Menu buttons above or visit the websites of some of our very-satisfied customers to see what we designed for them.

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TIP: This page representss the all-important HOME PAGE and is the first thing that web-browsing, potential clients will see. As such, you won't want to clutter it up with excessive information but rather have a well laid-out & intuitive design that will get them easily to the info they want. Use Obvious Links such as this to transport them to another page (even if it's the same as one of the links in the Menu Buttons above) or better yet, have it take them to an E–mail Form that when filled out, will arrive in your Inbox with all of their pertinent contact information.

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Although has no direct ties to WKSA, it doesn't violate any copyright laws as long as you (our esteemed customer) carry an authorized license to fully operate a Kuk Sool Won™ school or club. Furthermore, some of our staff did at one time, supervise the day–to–day operation of the Official Kuk Sool Won™ Website. Therefore, we are very knowledgeable about what is and is not appropriate content regarding any website we may design for you. This means we also have access to quality KSW graphics and are quite familiar with using them properly (this advantage also applies to proper usage of titles and other Korean terminology, including Korean text, should you wish to use it on your website).

We also have accurate details regarding the history of In Hyuk Suh, Kuk Sool Won™, and Korean traditional martial arts in general, although we suggest you provide links to this same information on the WKSA website as opposed to trying to duplicate it on your own site. The trick here is to have such a link open in a new window, since otherwise there would be no easy way to return such wayward surfers back to YOUR website.

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