Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in shape to join a martial arts program?

Absolutely not. Martial arts is one of the best ways to get into shape. Don't wait, act now!

Do I have to do jumping kicks?

No. Everyone is encouraged to undertake the training as their own journey of self improvement and not compare themselves to others. The great thing about our curriculum is that we condition the body during the first 6 months to enable you to reach higher levels of training. However, if you never do a jump kick, that doesn’t hinder your progress or subtract any benefits and values that you receive from your training.

I see that you do meditation, are there any religious connotations regarding this?

No. Meditation is a deeper form of concentration incorporating lower abdominal breathing exercises.

How do I find the right martial art school for myself or my child?

The quality of things that you want to look for are listed below:


Clean (no unpleasant odor)
Equipment in good shape
Bright and well-lit
Fully stocked Pro Shop
Plenty of parking


Pleasant personality
Enthusiastic and encouraging
Inspirational and motivating
Gentle, but firm
Ability to demonstrate the techniques
Interested in helping you achieve your goals


Strong emphasis on safety
Positive and upbeat


Separate children and adult classes
Separate Beginner and Advanced classes
Good Instructor-to-Student ratio


In a safe area
Easy to get to
Relatively close to work or home


Taught in a logical and safe manner
Not a mix of styles with conflicting concepts
Not focused primarily on fighting
Capable of helping you to achieve your goals


A GOOD VALUE FOR THE SERVICE YOU RECEIVE. Unfortunately, the general public doesn't know one martial art from another. The important thing is to visit and try out the different schools you are interested in before making the decision to sign up. Similar to buying an automobile, you wouldn't just call and purchase the lowest priced car you could find, you’d want to see it first and take it for a test drive.

TIP: This page should be used to convince people that any other facility that teaches martial arts besides YOURS, is probably run by some pathetic half-wit and anyone that prefers it over your prestigious establishment, should have their head examined. It should NOT be used to run a litany of real FAQ's or try to compare one martial art to another (better to use our handy Comparison Chart for that).

You can also use this page to link any potential customers to whatever Special Deal you are currently running. To further facilitate this effect, perhaps the best thing to do would be to place a LINK to the Web Form mentioned on our HOME PAGE, just below the last FAQ answered.

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Your Most F.A.Q.

And finally, it should be pointed out that YOUR questions regarding and the service it provides, also be answered here (where else?)

Why do I need a website? Aren't the Yellow pages enough?

No, while Yellow Page advertising IS essential to the success of your martial arts school, the Internet is quickly becoming a competitive source to the phone book. Potential students moving from another area typically won't have access to the local yellow pages and could find you easier on the Internet. In addition, your online presence is so much more than just letting new students find you. On your website, you have the opportunity to educate, inform, update, and edify your existing students by providing current information about your school, their belt progression, and upcoming events such as seminars and tournaments. All this is NOT possible in the Yellow Pages! Most importantly, your school's website shows that you are keeping up with the times and that you are in touch with one of the biggest developments of communication in decades.

How much is all this gonna cost?

Please realize that our Mission Statement is “ to provide Kuk Sool Won™ schoolowners a way to set up a cyber-presence for their establishment that is both effective and affordable.
And while we don't recommend using our service instead of a Yellow Page ad, we can practically guarantee that we won't cost near as much as one. In fact, the price of a mere bold entry (much less an actual ad) in the Business Section of the phone book is more in line with the cost of our Basic Service. But exactly how much you'll pay for your school's website depends largely on any extras you opt for. From a basic, inexpensive, no frills website to one that is more complex, our aim is to create something that will fit your needs, individuality, and pocketbook. Now, we offer an additional service at no extra charge! Click Here to learn more. Otherwise, you can simply use our Contact Form to fill us in on your specifc needs.

We now use so getting your website couln't be easier.

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